Healthy Natural Hot Oil Treatments For Your Hair

If you want to have beautiful tresses, then it is important that you use the right hair care products. While many folks believe this means spending countless dollars at the beauty counter, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are all kinds of things that you can do with things that you have at home or that can be bought for a fraction of what you would pay for the so-called high-end beauty products.

Use Quality Hair Products

Hot oil treatments have been around for a long time as a way to help condition the scalp and hair. Although there are expensive packs and other products that you can purchase that claim to be designed for this purpose, why not make your own that you can adjust to your specific hair needs.

You will need several things in order to achieve your hot oil treatment. In addition to the product you intend to apply to your hair, something to cover your hair and to keep it warm is also in order. A shower cap is one option to keep your hair together. You can also consider a towel to separate it from your body.

Most women use a hair dryer intermittently in order to keep the oil and their scalp warm. If it is warm and sunny outside, you can sit in the sun for the warmth. Make sure that you keep your face and body protected from the rays. Also, you will still need to keep your hair wrapped so that the sun is not shining directly on your hair.

Homemade Oil Treatments

There are all kinds of oils that can be used for a homemade hot oil treatment. It is important that you choose the right types of oils made by reputable brands. In most cases, you can find food-grade oils. Buying these will help to ensure that you are using good oils on your hair and body.

The specific types of oils you should use will depend on your hair and scalp health. For instance, someone with a dry scalp and hair would benefit from heavier oils like avocado, which would be way to thick and heavy for someone who already has an excessive amount of oil production.

Those with oily skin can still use hot oil treatments to help the hair to look and feel better. However, the oils should be much lighter. Jojoba is an excellent choice because it is the most similar to the sebum produced by your scalp already.

Benefits of Using Oil

Mixing oils is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Combat thinning hair by adding one part castor oil to three parts of your other oils. You can also add a few drops of vitamin E to your hot oil pack. Don’t forget to look into essential oils as well. Tea tree is great for fighting infections, while rosemary promotes hair growth.

You can enjoy the benefits of a hair hot oil treatment without spending a lot of money on chemically produced oils. Use these suggestions for natural hair treatments you are sure to love! Find details at

Making Your Lawn Grow Greener

A lush and green lawn can often be a homeowner’s pride and a neighbor’s envy. It is not very difficult to look after a lawn, as long as you make a constant effort to do what needs to be done. The effort can at times be backbreaking but a well-maintained lawn that is green can be a delight.

Fertilize Regularly

A lawn will be greener if it is regularly fertilized with the right fertilizer. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer will help your lawn to grow well and remain green throughout the year. The best nitrogen fertilizers have a formulation that allows them to release the required nitrogen over time. These time release fertilizers will release the nitrogen slowly so that it has the time to get into the roots and do its magic. This slow release also ensures that the grass does not burn from the fertilizer. It is not essential that you apply fertilizer every week, but if you use the right fertilizer you can apply it just a couple of times a year. Fertilize just after the winter is over, and again just before the end of the hot season, and once more before winter sets in. This pre-winter fertilization is one which will keep your grass healthy all through the winter.

Importance To Take Care of Lawn

Correct mowing of the lawn is as important as fertilization if you want to have a green and healthy lawn. Never cut the grass too short. Grass, like all plant life, needs to absorb the sunlight, which grass will do through its blades. If the blades are too short, the grass will not get its required nutrients from the sun and will start looking brown and form patches. Leave the lawn with blades that are at least 3 inches in length. Even when you are mowing the lawn after it has grown to more than the required 3 inches, let the clippings fall where they are, as they will act as additional fertilizer. A mower that also shreds the grass to pieces will work best. Mow a lawn only when it is dry.

Besides fertilizing and mowing, a lawn also needs to be watered adequately, and not overwatered. Edgers or trimmers must cut the sides of the lawn so that besides having a green lawn, you also have one that is neat. Make sure that grass clippings do not litter your driveaway and garden paths. Your lawn will grow greener if you have taken care to see that you have the right soil, and with the right amount of sand. Replace the soil in your garden, if it is not of the desired quality. Your lawn must always be well drained and must never get waterlogged. You also need to get the right variety of grass that is natural to your geographical area. Your local nursery can give you the right advice, and can also help out if you need to create a new lawn.

Fertilizing and Mowing

A green lawn is one that has the right topsoil and sand mix, grass that grows well in your area, one that is adequately watered and fertilized, and one that is mowed correctly. To know  more visit here at