Back Pain Relief Exercises That Work

Chronic back pain is a condition that can severely affect your quality of life. Unfortunately, pain killer medication has side effects and adverse reactions that make it unsuitable for long-term use. This is why you need to find alternative remedies and methods to alleviate your back pain, in order to lead a normal life.

Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches

Exercise is one of the natural back pain reliefs that work. If you know what to do, you can live a pain-free life without taking any medication. However, you should know that sometimes you can do more harm than good, so you should definitely pick your workouts very carefully, and only after you discuss your intention with a doctor. This is very important, particularity if your back pain is the result of older injuries or of degenerative diseases. In such situations, only a medical professional can decide whether exercise would be good for you or not. Trying to play it by ear may worsen the things, so you should avoid it.

The main point of back pain relief exercises is the strengthening of your core muscles. The core muscles aren’t visible, but they play a major role in supporting your spine, so they need to be strong. Located in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen, core muscles act as a dynamic stabilizer for movement, or as initiators of movements. They provide your body the balance and the ability to stand upright. When your core muscles are weak, your spine needs to take over the function of maintaining the balance of your body. This can generate a big stress, as your vertebrae will be subject to an overload that may trigger injuries. By working out your core muscles, you’ll help them take some of the weight burden off your spine, relieving it and making it less painful. The result will be an improvement of your posture, less compression on your spinal discs, and therefore less stress on your spine. These exercises don’t involve cardio workouts, as they are rather relayed to stretching and balance. Although they may appear easy, they are actually pretty difficult when you need to maintain the same position for at least 60 seconds. Besides, you need to ensure you do them the right way, so you’ll need a trainer to provide the necessary adjustments until you grasp the positions and the correct alignment of all your body parts. Find more tips here.

Back Pain Relief Exercises

Benefits of Yoga in Back Pain

Yoga is another great back pain relief solution. Although different than traditional exercises, yoga is a powerful tool to help you fight stiffness and back pain. The best yoga poses for back pain are the ones that work your core muscles.

Once you understand how to perform these exercises or yoga poses correctly, you’ll be able to do them at home. This will save you a lot of time and perhaps some money, as you’ll only need a quiet corner in your house and 15 to 30 minutes per day to exercise. You can see the first results within a few weeks, so this should be a good motivator for you to start your workout program right away or for quicker relief , you can use Stamina Pro!