Types Of Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to homeowners insurance, there are different types of coverages. The best way to determine what type you require is to learn as much as possible about them and make the best decision based on that information. You’ll want to know what each type of insurance covers and how it will work best for your needs.

Basic Homeowners Insurance

This is as simple as it gets. It will typically cover you for smoke and fire damages, explosions, strikes of lightning, windstorms and hail, vandalism and theft, damage from vehicles and aircraft, volcanoes riots and civil commotion issues, and depending on your needs the belongings that you have inside of your home not to mention the structure itself. Keep in mind that it’s vital to list or itemize your belongings so that they are covered. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re covered should someone be injured on your property. Mortgage companies will often require more coverage than this particular type of policy covers so make sure to find out exactly what is covered and ensure that you’re protected.

There is also a broad form type of policy that will cover other events including freezing, damage due to snow, sleet, or hail, and depending on the particular verbiage in the policy, your belongings and personal liability.

Specialized Forms

These will be as above, however, they will cover other perils that aren’t covered by the above-mentioned policies. It can often offer more protection than those specified above and will have specific exclusions. Your home and structures that are attached are also covered as well as belongings.

Tenants Form

This is a rental insurance policy that will cover the tenant’s belongings and their personal liability, however, it won’t cover the structure itself as that is the landlord’s responsibility. It will also, depending on the policy, cover additional living costs if you need to stay elsewhere while the rental is being repaired.


This covers additional perils and you’ll have specific perils that it does and doesn’t cover. It may also cover earthquakes, damages from water such as floodwaters, infestation such as vermin or rodents or insects, general wear-and-tear, settling, animals and other pets, molds, and fungus and other specifics that are listed.

It’s important to understand that some of these are covered in other policies and some aren’t. You’ll want to find out exactly what coverage you do have and plan from there.

Older Homes, Mobile Homes, And More

There are also forms for specifics such as older homes, mobile homes and the like. If you’re residing in one of these you’ll want to make sure that you’re properly covered from any potential accidents or incidents.

It’s important to have reliable homeowners insurance. Keep in mind that there are as many different forms and policies as there are types of homes. You will want to watch for exclusions and things that you’ll want to make sure are covered and always read the fine print. In many cases you’ll need to combine one or more policies to ensure that you are fully covered with your homeowners insurance. Check out linkĀ http://www.mymeridianinsurance.com/home-insurance-knoxville-tn and get to know more on homeowner insurance.